On behalf of Piazza Produce, Inc., I would like to personally thank Flex Green Lighting for a recent lighting installation project “Well Done!”

Our lighting project consisted of two facilities within Park 100 in Indianapolis, Indiana: the Piazza Produce, Inc. Distribution Center and our Tomato Repacking Operation Facility. Together, they represent approximately 100,000 square feet of distribution/production areas that were re-lamped with energy efficient lighting. We appreciated the time that Rob and Travis personally provided to our organization by learning our operational requirements, taking a pre-existing lighting survey, and the subsequent proposal that was submitted for review and final approval.

All work was completed on-time and within budget. We look forward to receiving the added benefits of reduced monthly electrical utility costs, less strain on our refrigeration equipment (no longer has to overcome the dissipated heat from the former 400W metal halide lamp fixtures), the reduction in associated labor, maintenance, and lamps & ballasts costs, satisfied employees who now perform their duties within well-lit production areas, and also provides a safer work environment.

I highly recommend that you give Flex Green Lighting serious consideration for your next lighting project. You will find that Rob and Travis are very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. If improvements and results are what you are looking for, then Flex Green Lighting has the solutions to meet or exceed expectations and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Scott Lutocka
Facilities Manager - Piazza Produce, Inc.