About Flex Green Lighting

Flex Green Energy is a energy consulting company, and Distribution Company of LED and High Efficient Lighting products. Flex Green Energy is an affiliate of FlexPAC, a 30 year old, independently owned company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our goal is to evaluate your current lighting and create an analysis to show all the benefits of choosing an investment in your lighting to improve sustainability. We can show that high efficient lighting is an investment, not just a purchase, which can save up to 75% in electricity savings due to lighting and motor controls. We can also improve the amount of light output and color rendering of the environment for better productivity and product appearance. Finally, there are several environmental benefits of using a Green product and energy reducing product.

Our manufacturers have been chosen through years of due diligence and testing of hundreds of suppliers and have been proven to be ‘The Best’ products on the market, period. We have lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Our products are ideal for distribution, commercial warehouses, retailers and restaurants, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and manufacturing.

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